The Eureka Car Club of Australia Inc was officially incorporated in Victoria in April, 2005. However, there has been a “virtual” Eureka Car Club for several years, operating informally through a number of web sites, discussion groups, etc.
In 2010 the Club changed their name and are now more formally known as
The Purvis Eureka Car Club of Australia Inc. (Vic.)

The informal Eureka group was organised enough to have held National Meetings in Penrith NSW (2002), Coffs Harbour NSW (2003), Dromana Victoria (2004) and Bathurst (2005).

With growing interest in the Purvis Eureka Sports Car, and an increasing number of participants in the discussion groups etc, members of the informal groups made the move to officially incorporate a CLUB, being, the "Eureka Car Club of Australia Inc.(Vic)" in the belief that having an “official” legal entity, it will enable the Club to do a better job at achieving its objectives. This lead to the first "Official" Club National Meet being held in Adelaide in 2006, with the National Meets being a large part of the focus and continue to be held every year at locations around the country. See the links on this site for the latest Meet.
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The Principal Purpose of the Purvis Eureka Car Club, as set out in our Constitution, is  
“ To encourage the ownership, preservation, operation and promotion of the
Purvis Eureka Sports Cars

The current Committee Members of the Purvis Eureka Car Club of Australia Inc.(Vic)



We encourage all Eureka owners, potential owners, and those just entranced by this unique sports car, to join the Eureka Car Club and assist us in achieving our objectives. We promise that you will have a great time, meet interesting people, and a whole lot more.


Paul Patton

Vice President

Mark Knowles


Committee Members

Ron Powel


State Representatives : NSW/ACT - Richard Rose ; VIC - Paul Patton ; SA/NT - Philip Brow; QLD - ;  International - Richard Rose
Webmaster Philip Brow


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